Rob Shaw: Pivot on drug decriminalization looks all but inevitable for Eby

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Re: Rob Shaw: Pivot on drug decriminalization looks all but inevitable for Eby

Post by SynergyGA »

Here in the Okanagan Valley we have now seen first hand the outcome of this idea that wet facilities, safe injection sites and free hard drugs and saving them from OD's, (sometimes the same person 4 times in one day as I have witnessed first hand, and again at what expense to we the tax payers?), "solves" the ever growing issues of mental health issues and hard drugs openly being used on our streets etc. Giving an alcoholic a free bottle of whisky every morning will never solve their alcohol addiction.

Give us all a break, we are all done with Eby and his pathetic and senseless policies that are slowly eroding what little is left of our social and ethical morals. Our children deserve better than his so called solutions as many have to witness open needle use and other non mentionable things here on their way to elementary school. No child should ever have to grow up seeing these things on a daily basis. He is at the helm of destroying our once safe and fun communities one housing project at a time. And for the record, many tradespeople in the valley, including suppliers could have benefitted vastly from all these new builds, yet they do not.

It is way past due for a massive government over haul and all it's failing policies. We pay for all that is government and deserve much safer and loving communities. The drug issue will never end unless we truly help these individuals that are suffering on the street and that does in no way begin with giving them their monkey daily. Just my thoughts so please don't attack me. I have to see and live this nightmare daily and I am beyond tired and depleted by our ever sickening system that is failing us all. It is like a "Groundhog Day" nightmare to witness and it would seem no one truly cares enough to make a change. Even at our local municipal levels, they seemingly do not hear us or care about WE THE PEOPLE.

The mayors, the council members and all the governing agencies put themselves and their mandates ahead of the will and best interests of the tax payers and communities. We never ever get to have any say on any new bills passed daily, or even got an option if we wanted Eby as our Premier, he just got the position by default as our crooked system of government works these days. Maybe he should have some low income housing projects and wet facilities in Point Grey no?? We have a brand new prison in Oliver that we paid for that sits almost virtually empty and can't keep could be used to help these people turn their lives around. Nothing will ever change or improve if we do not treat the illness. Just a short time ago a person could be charged and faced possible jail time for possession or consumption of a marijuana joint...what ever happened?

Time to turn things around for a better future, as it stands now, if things do not change we soon will have no safe communities left to live in. Peace and much love to all, the entire world is at a turning point and a precipice at present, and dependent on how we all engage, react and become involved will determine the future of countless generations to come, assuming our planet has not destroyed itself by then. Endless wars, endless dis-ease, endless poverty, endless government over spending on senseless ideas and endless taxation aka theft and debt enslavement...oh boy what an amazing life right?

But keep on paying your carbon tax so they can all get another salary increase while we all are suffering and can't afford basic necessities like food. And I totally disagree with Rob Shaw...Eby does place his head in the sand like the preverbal ostrich. It is HIS mandates and new laws that have enabled these people receiving drugs made that much easier and on a larger scale. Rob, how about you take in some of the street people and take care of them ok. Have them defecate on your front lawn, or better yet enter your home and crash on your couch while your wife and small child are their alone and the RCMP can do nothing and no charges are pressed, even if they thieve from you, no charges nada.

Why...because they have "mental health issues" and under Eby's laws here in B.C. can't be charged, give your head a shake and wake up to the horrors surrounding you. Maybe they should decriminalize hard core drugs across Canada perhaps? Why did we get targeted???
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Re: Rob Shaw: Pivot on drug decriminalization looks all but inevitable for Eby

Post by Nedroj »

This is absolutely not good enough. The decriminalization of hard drugs was a poor decision back 2 years ago and it still is a poor decision today. Oregon has reversed their decriminalization last year because overdose deaths skyrocketed during it. Why the BC premier doesnt do the same just shows he is a complete MORON at best and refuses to acknowledge he made a mistake. This is similar to the behavior of a ignorant teenager, not the premier of BC. That is not the kind of leader we deserve in BC.

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