Drunk driver yesterday!

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Drunk driver yesterday!

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We were driving to Kelowna from Winfield yesterday at around 11-12 noon and we had actually a problem with a person who was drinking and probably on drugs at the same time. It was really scary to be driving and she was weaving in and out on the hwy...we barely passed her without being run off the road. Sitting in her car and slowing down to crawl...looking at trees! :200: Then she ran thru a red light; luckily no one was hit. She would drive to a crawl on the highway then speed up; going to a crawl again...so forth. She entered into Kelowna. I shuddered to think what happened afterwards since we turned off to Sexsmith.

But of course; we took down the plates and had someone to call the cops. I just hope no one was hurt or hit yesterday. Her driving was very erratic; it was noticeable. I hope!!!
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Thats scary. About 15 years ago my ex and I were driving up Fitzpatrick rd. and we saw an old pick-up pull out of the Packing house. We followed it because it was weaving all over the road. It turned right onto Rutland rd. and it kept veering WAY over into the oncoming lane. When it got close to the old Louies grocery it actually just about hit the store. I could see the passenger grab the steering wheel to avoid hitting the store. The truck pulled over by the old Rutland elementary school and the passenger got out and switched places with the driver. We didn't have cell phones then, but we wrote the plates down and called the cops from a pay phone. I don't know if they got the guy or not, but I must say, it was one of the scariest things I have ever seen. If I had been driving the Batmobile, I would have fired the Bathook out the front, latched onto the guys rear bumper, and held the guy 'till the cops got there!

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