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just use a slightly longer bolt and double nut it. tighten the first nut and jam another nut against it.
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Piecemaker wrote:My suggestion:
Use a Torx AND a 12-point--takes two tools, so takes longer to remove. (Make sure they are cross-threaded---I can help you with that--and put really good glue on the threads!)
In addition to the TORX and 12-point, use baling wire to weave and wind a complex pattern that also holds the plate in place, in case youryour first level of attachment be breached. When finished, be sure to cut the ends of the wire in a barb-like point, to the best of your ability. (There are books on Celtic Knots and designs, if you want your vehicle to look less redneck like.)
Hope this helps.

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Ditch the license plate holder and just super glue the plate directly to the vehicle.

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Saw a guy yesterday who had his license plate surrounded by about 4 rows of barbed wire.....a bit redneckish but I guess it might work!
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