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$2000 per month isn't too shabby. I will look into it. It's probably the most difficult job on earth, but a rewarding one no doubt.
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aurora_spirit wrote:My parents are both approaching retirement and keep hinting that they didn't haven't enough foresight to save money for retirement and that they are both broke. They both seem to want to move in with me and have me support them (they are divorced, so I can't have both of them living with me!). This is coming from parents who barely supported me growing up. They burden me with this responsibility. I don't think it's fair. I am smart with money and I "go without" the luxuries they seem to think are neccessary for them. They have spent so much money on trinkets and toys and now have nothing left and want to mooch from me.

Perhaps your parents need to be reminded that mandatory retirement doesn't exist anymore (for most jobs) and if they can't support themselves in retirement, they shouldn't retire. Maybe they'll have to move in with each other, instead of you, to make ends meet. I'm sure they'd find a way to curtail their spending if they knew that was their only option. :124:

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