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Eat Me

Post by JLives »

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Post by anniecat »

That's just kinda weird. I wonder which poor bugger got served the.....well, let's just not go there.

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Post by gardengirl »

I guess we know who that relationship is all about.

I wonder if they will still be married by the time they polish off that thing.
Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.
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Post by CoffeeCanuck »

I wonder what part the mothers in laws got? :145:

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Post by BriTer »

CoffeeCanuck wrote:I wonder what part the mothers in laws got? :145:


:-# *snort*
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Post by zzontar »

The lucky guy gets to eat cake AND pie! ..... oh oh.... I hear the footsteps of censorship...
They say you can't believe everything they say.
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Post by Symbonite »

ha ha ha

OOOoooo thats bad

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