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trixEH wrote:Dear struts: In response to your following reply (which I would hope was written with the intention of trying to be helpful):

"I have a question:
Do you already have your Drivers License?
If you do, I have to say, it scares me to think that a licensed driver does not know the answer to that!
If you don't have your license, or L or N, I am glad to know that you are learning before you start driving!"

I only asked this question because it has been my experience that only here in Kelowna do people get really mad and lay on their horn if you DON'T turn left onto a two-way street and attempt to dodge the car coming the opposite way. The first time this happened to me I thought it might be an N behind me (or perhaps someone on their way to KGH), but it has happened numerous times and, therefore, I started questioning myself.

Thanks for your helpful info, writerdave. Much appreciated.

Trix, just take struts with a grain of salt. He has a thing for bad drivers, druggies, boozers and loud mufflers. Better yet, use his fav emoticon on him.


Here is what you do the next time someone is laying the horn on you.

1. Roll down window
2. Extend left arm out window
3. Make a fist
4. Extend middle finger
5. Make obvious eye contact in rear view mirror
6. Bring arm back into car and roll up window
7. Continue with your left hand turn when you feel it's safe to do so

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gardengirl wrote:It is amazing to me how many people don't know that you can turn right on red.

It used to be illegal in Ont or Que, but it has always been permitted in BC.
I hate sitting behind these people while they wait for the light to change.
I have been known to lean on the horn from time to time. If they have BC plates, they should bloody know!

Turning right on a red is legal in Ontario as it is in BC though what ticks me off endlessly is at least around Kelowna most of the drivers here ignore the part about having to "STOP FIRST" and make sure the way is clear before proceeding.

That means the fellow opposite you with the green arrow has the right of way over you and your right turn on red.

Here the rule might as well be "if you're turning right don't go out of your way to slow down because the road is yours".

One of the worst places for that is the intersection at Hwy33 and Molnar.

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