Where do birds die?

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Re: Where do birds die?

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BriTer wrote:Where is this seclusion..... secluded maybe?

Westbank actually.


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Re: Where do birds die?

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zzontar wrote:You never see a bird drop dead on your lawn, fall out of the sky, fall out of a tree...

Actually, I have seen hummingbirds just die in midflight and drop to the ground - but that was when I was younger and stupider and put honey in my feeders instead of plain old sugar - and then learned later that it will kill them - and I thought it was a more natural sweetener and therefore must be better for them - NOT! I was sooo upset at myself!
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Re: Where do birds die?

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they burn up on re-entry
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Re: Where do birds die?

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I go hiking pretty well every day.... there's a place where I've seen a bird that was killed and eaten and all that was left was the feathers... this was two weeks ago and it looks the same today, but that's the only one I've seen in years, it still makes me wonder where the rest went... I think the birds know something and are just keeping tight-beaked about it. :137:
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