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Does anyone have any recommendations for a well run daycare? I will be needing childcare for the month of July. It would be favorable to hear from those who have experinced the daycare first hand, either as an employee or a parent with a child going to the daycare. I would prefer a liscenced daycare but am not opposed to family run facilities if the references are great!
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Re: Childcare

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What area are you looking for? That certainly makes a big difference for giving referrals.

Have you contacted the Kelowna Child Care centre for their listing? They're at It's a pretty helpful start but it won't give you anything but a listing of licensed or family daycares that have chosen to list through them. To check the quality and referrals you would have to research that yourself.

Good Luck! Needing care for only a month makes it even more difficult....but something will work out for always does. :sunshine:
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