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So I am on a few forums related to horses, as that tends to be my passion. My horse tends to draw attraction where-ever he goes, and last year at IPE we had quite a few people ask if he had a blog.

Now that we will be showing at the PNE, I thought I would get together like baseball cards with my horses picture on one side and info on the other, including a blog site.

So I've never blogged before, I keep a training diary on him on one of the forums and figure a blog is probably a lot like that????
Do you have to be invited to a blog to read it? Is there some popular but easy to access blogs for beginner bloggers?

I guess I need a Coles notes for Blogging for Dummys
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Re: Blogs

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Two of the most popular hosting sites are:




I've played with both, most recently wordpress. I'm not very creative so I don't write much. Wordpress is the newest experience and you can set the privacy to whatever you'd like. (Mine with high invitation only as its not that special). Wordpress was quite easy to set up, I did have issues with inviting others (make sure that the email address are the same as what your friends have signed up with). I didn't find the layout very good...a lot of actions are hidden in not easily understandable sections (dashboard?). Even so, it still quite good and as both are free, so you could try both and then stick with the one you like the most!
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Re: Blogs

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Here's a review that might help, it's about the different blogs, from Forbes magazine:
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Re: Blogs

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When I lived in France I did a blog using I found it easy to use and easy for my friends/family to access.
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