Where did that thread go.....

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Where did that thread go.....

Post by Triple 6 »

How many times do you want to post something in a specific thread, and you cannot find it? I know, Me Too!!! So I thought to myself why not start a thread about it.

So post your " I know we already have a thread on this, but where?" Question!

I am sure our beloved Ferri will quickly catch it, and it no time post you the link!

Of course Ferri has no idea about this till now. . . Oh and anyone can post the actual link, not just Ferri! :skippingsheep:
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Re: Where did that thread go.....

Post by onestop67 »

Dear Luci,

Oh sure, start this the day after I read the first 3 chapters of the Motor Vehicle Act because I couldn't find the old thread where I had posted it before.

Best regards,
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Re: Where did that thread go.....

Post by dandynick5 »

I'm still trying to find some of my earliest threads that I started way back. Not sure if they disappeared, I made them on another forum, or maybe I dreamed that I made them.
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Re: Where did that thread go.....

Post by OffRoad »

Seems to me the search function isn't working too well. A while ago I tried a search with 2 words and got no results. I tried searching each of the words separately and came up with hundreds of results, many of which included both words.

I haven't bothered using the search function much since then.

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