The baby has arrived!

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Re: The baby has arrived!

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:sunshine: Congratulation Hugh. What a blessing. Enjoy every moment. They tend to grow up right before your eyes. :sunshine: You and your wife should be proud. She is absolutley beautiful.
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Re: The baby has arrived!

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anniecat wrote:Congratulations!! She's absolutely gorgeous! All the best to Baby, Mom and Proud New Daddy!!'s probably a bit early to think of this, but I have two beautiful little boys who will be looking for a nice girl like her....I'll get them to call you in about 15 years? :dyinglaughing:

...Better make it 35.
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Re: The baby has arrived!

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Congratulations.......she is a little cutie. Welcome to the world of : :sunshine: and :nutzoid: from the lack of :sleepdeprived: :dyinglaughing:

Just kidding...enjoy!
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Re: The baby has arrived!

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Awwwww, gee, I just saw this thread. Congratulations Papasan!

That's a good size for a baby girl... she's gonna' be a linebacker for sure!

Woohoo! :sunshine:
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