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Re: Gold ring found near mailboxes on Scotstown, Wednesday

Post by Bsuds »

sweetgirlinktown wrote:Has anybody lost a gold ring near Granada and Scotstown mailboxes in the last couple of days.

It could be a wedding ring, it is very distinctive.

Please PM to identify, will hold for one week, then donate to charity.

If it looks expensive maybe you should turn it in to the RCMP. It could be stolen too.
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Re: Lost & Found

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Bsuds wrote:There is a specific pet section... viewtopic.php?f=66&t=33044&start=180

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Lost white dog

Post by showtime76 »


Lost white dog in Paynter road, Buckerfields, Glencoe road area. I would assume she could be anywhere in Glenrosa or Westbank by now. She went missing at 1:00pm May 2nd. Her name is Mayley and she will roll on her back for belly rubs for anyone =-) if you have any information on her whereabouts please PM.

The whole family really appreciates your help
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Re: Lost white dog

Post by TreeGuy »

I live close to the downtown area and will keep an eye out for her. I will let my neighbours know as well. I hope you find her!
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Re: Lost & Found

Post by Donald G »

I lost my car in the parking lot ... again. Fortunately my wife was in it and saw me walking by.
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Found : Dog Leash & RDCO Tag Old Okanagan Highway

Post by bbmyster_1 »

I wasn't sure where to put this and i will contact the RDCO in the morning in regards to this query , but i have found a Dog Leash along with a Dog Tag & Carabiner but No Collar out on the streets of Old Okanagan Highway & Quince Road in the Southbound Lane , 1 Block North of Butt Road . It does have a Serial # on it , # 06931. Perhaps if anyone has lost this Assembly and reads this , they can feel free to contact me and i will gladly hold onto it for them. Hopefully they Still have their Pet :)
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Lost Dog Old Okanagan Hwy West Kleowna

Post by slimpack »

Lost Dog!
Lost near Bering Rd and Old Okanagan Hwy (side old Zellers store) in West Kelowna. Monday evening June 2nd. His name is Sammy, is very friendly well come to anyone. Tan coloured , Pomeranian-Shitzu cross shaved like a lion, very cute and fluffy with a blue collar. Please PM me or post here if you have any information.
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Missing Llama in Joe Rich

Post by Joe Public »

If anyone in Joe Rich is missing a llama, he's in the Goudie Road Firehall parking lot eating grass.
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Re: Missing Llama in Joe Rich

Post by sobrohusfat »

no pictures?
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Lost Electronic Key Fob

Post by June45 »

Hi Everyone - I know this is a long shot but just thought I would give this a try. I have lost my electronic key fob somewhere around the ReStore in West Kelowna. If anyone picked it up my mistake, maybe a little one thought it looked like it would be fun to play with or perhaps it was caught up in your purchase as you were leaving the store, I would sure love to get it back. I will check back on this forum over the next few days for messages. Kind of a lousy way to start the week-end but that's life, right. I am going to have a good one anyway.
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Re: Lost Electronic Key Fob

Post by phasyluck »

Good luck, too many people now a days don't respect. Sad but true!
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Re: Lost Electronic Key Fob

Post by erazmus »

The whole point of an electronic key fob is that it can be cancelled immediately. I hope you respect your employer (or landlord or whatever) enough to have informed them of the loss of the fob so it can be cancelled and protect the security of the property. A traditional key is a much bigger concern because the locks have to be changed and everyone issued new keys.

If the fob is recovered in the future, it can be re-activated.
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Re: Lost Electronic Key Fob

Post by Partmanpartfish »

This might be a little late for you, but I always send the TB Vets a few bucks each year and attach their key tags to my rings. It supports a good cause and likely increases the chance your keys will be returned.

Car keys aren't as inexpensive as they used to be.

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Help - Lost Keys

Post by iknowican »

I mislaid my car key and remote on Thursday July 10 and may have dropped them somewhere in West Kelowna. They are on a red curly wrist bracelet with a shopping cart token and a couple of loyalty cards. I placed an ad on Castanet Lost and Found but have not had any replies. If you have found them please PM me.
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Lost and Found.

Post by Ken7 »

I have found a Cellphone SAMSUNG S3 and was wondering where people have had success in finding the owner. As it is locked, no way of calling any recent numbers.

It has a Rogers account, they can't help. I know the feeling of misplacing your phone. I've placed it on Castanet and on Craigs in a effort lo locate the owner.

Found on Glenmore Road.

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