Shower curtain - help !

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Shower curtain - help !

Post by sas11109 »

I'm trying to find a shower curtain for a small shower stall. Everywhere I look all I seem to be able to find is the standard size that you would use in a conventional bathtub. This is just for a shower stall with no tub - the opening would be approx. 30 in. I'm guessing. I checked Walmart & HomeSense - nope. Just the standard size. Rather than chase around endlessly I thought I would ask here. There must be bath specialty shops - but I just can't think of any.
Thanks to all that reply.
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Re: Shower curtain - help !

Post by Fancy »

I think my dad just cut a regular sized one to fit his shower stall. I'll ask him where he got his but he's not much of a shopper so expect he just went to Wal-Mart or the mall.
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Re: Shower curtain - help !

Post by onestop67 »

I know they make spring loaded ones that you can adjust to the length you need but I've only seen them for tub length. Not sure if they make them that small. It would be easy enough to get a piece of pipe that fits and buy the hardware to attach it to.

Bath's By Design
451 Banks Rd.

Splashes Bath and Kitchen
440 Banks Rd. 762-5205

Four Seasons Installations Inc - 250-717-1333
114-1889 Springfield Road , Kelowna , BC V1Y 5V5

Okanagan Bath - 250-769-4550
124-1135 Stevens Road , Kelowna , BC V1Z 2S8

Geralyn's Tub Enclosures - 250-765-2978
8-275 Cambie Road , Kelowna , BC V1X 3H9

Home Hardware Building Centre - 250-860-4663
1650 Springfield Road , Kelowna , BC V1Y 5V4


Kitchenhaus Cabinets - 250-491-5665
106-140 Commercial Drive , Kelowna , BC V1X 7X6

Norelco Cabinets Ltd - 250-765-2121
205 Adams Road , Kelowna , BC V1X 7R1

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