Looking for 70 or 90 CC bike Any suggestions?

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Looking for 70 or 90 CC bike Any suggestions?

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I've recently been checking out the costs of motorcycles, I don't actually have a license so a bike seems to be my best bet (after 30 days of having your learners license you can take a test and have the speed restriction removed and don't have to drive with a qualified person watching). I would love to get a new bike with less emissions, but there is simply no way we could afford that.

After looking at a lot of bikes in the $1000 range I called my dad as we had seen a lot of OLD bikes in the $200-300 range way back. He suggested I look around for a nice 70 or 90CC. He bought an old Honda 70 for $75 when he was a teenager (boy that must have been nice!) and that worked great for him.

So I wanted to ask around, does anyone know where one could get a bike like this? I need something street legal and I really prefer that it's got a flat seat and isn't shaped like a scooter (ie. it goes down in the middle and you rest your feet in front of you). Do you know someone with something like this sitting around, collecting dust and cobwebs that simply won't get used? I don't mind doing some work on it... any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Would LOVE something like this!
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Re: Looking for 70 or 90 CC bike Any suggestions?

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You could take your chances with one of these:

Or complete this project bike:

There's not many listed under $1000 but there are a lot of bikes in Castanet Classifieds now. Take a look and see if something catches your eye.

If you can scrape up some more money (or if you qualify for financing), the Honda CBR125 seems to be a popular choice for a starter bike (MSRP $3499). Shop around in Vernon and Penticton for the best pricing.

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