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Re: Halloween

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Under 20 here - so there will be chocolate for lunches.

Fireworks nearby, pretty. Dog wasn't bothered except to try to find the source of the noise, so that's a win. :130:

Saw the cutest family, 1 & 3 year-old boys done up like firemen, the dad had done up a wagon like a fire truck and was towing them around (smart!). Even better, when they came back to their vehicle (to load up and go home after doing the neighbourhood) it was getting dark, and the "fire truck" had working headlights and lightbar! Dad of the year . . . he was so proud of his kids :) Mom was with the group but walking their dog, it was so nice to see a family really enjoying themselves. . .
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Re: Halloween

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We normally have hundreds come to the door, but this year we have Covid so we turnout all the lights. Fricken kids came to the door anyway. Some we ignored, but some kept ringing the doorbell until we opened the door and gave them candy. Eventually we just put a bowl outside so they could take their own.
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