Gas $143.9

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Re: Gas $143.9

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When you sell your car please give me first dibs.
That sort of mileage is what dreams are made of in the used car world.
seewood wrote: Oct 7th, 2021, 9:44 am
bb49 wrote: Oct 7th, 2021, 9:08 am After retiring and realizing my priorities were changing (Mexico), as well as my driving style, I downsized and bought a Civic.
Three years of owning it and tracking every cent spent on it, I've averaged 6.03 lt/100 km. Or in old terms, 47 mpg. A 35 lt fill up takes me 600 km.
I more than happy with that.

A 4x4 or AWD is nice in the winter, but being retired I have the option of staying home if the highways are bad.
You sir have a very fuel efficient option in your driveway.
I imagine you use it for your errands when the weather is right and you just need something small.
I never thought of asking you if golf clubs would fit in the trunk.
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Oh man, wish at times I could manifest your common sense. After retiring I went the other way, F350 power stroke to pack a camper and boat around and a Golf R to zoot about. I Admit, neither the best on respective fuels, but work for us. Mrs. drives a Crosstrek which is pretty good on fuel.

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