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Fun with Headlines

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I often see headlines that make me shake my head. Looking at Castanet tonight and it seemed that there were humorous undertones to several of them so I thought "hey, this might be fun".

Feel free to add to this list. It's not like you were doing anything anyway.

Remember; the headlines are real and as they appeared.

CANCER SURGERIES AVOIDABLE; Yes, by not getting cancer.

MOST OF US ARE ILL PREPARED; For getting sick.

DON'T BE AN EASY TARGET; Run around and make it hard to hit you.

SLIP LEADS TO SNATCH; Not even sure what to do with this one. Sounds like a Trumpism though.

$750 FINE FOR KID SEX CRIME; A reasonable amount to encourage kids to engage in this super fun activity.

JAPAN, RUSSIA HOLD TALKS; Unfortunately they don't speak the same language so they just stared at each other.

BEAR MACED IN PARKING LOT; He was just getting out of his car and WHAM! Right in the face. More details to come.


RANCHERS GO ONLINE; Only to find out they don't have internet service.

PASSED OUT AT DRIVE THRU; He wasn't actually passed out, he just showed up after they closed and got tired of waiting.

THE PROBLEM WITH LECTURES; Is, they're boring.

SEND YOUR LETTERS TO SANTA; Cuz you can trust Canada Post to get them there on time.
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