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Re: The Castanet Gab-O-Rama

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GordonH wrote: Apr 6th, 2024, 7:24 am ... e-touching

I’ve never wanted a tattoo, I would probably do a hell of a lot of research into checking out tattoo places before choosing one.
I feel for this lady terrible experience.
I've always wanted one but every time I seriously considered a particular one someone else I knew beat me to it. Still thinking about one though.

I see on Facebook people are reaching out to her with suggestions. Hope she finds someone to help her.
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Re: The Castanet Gab-O-Rama

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Maybe, call me old-fashioned, not up to date, but for the life of me just cannot understand why peeps now want to, need to, ink their skin. Are we South Island warriors now, tattooed and wearing bones in our noses, perhaps eating brains of our enemies? That hasn’t aged well with prion diseases.

I realize I am a dinosaur so I say nothing one way or the other when peeps show off their skin ‘artwork’ that in 2 decades from now will go from bird to a disgruntled fossil. Skin ages, loses its elasticity and tends to hang in drapery-like, unflattering folds. I know this to be FACT, indisputable, and part of the aging process. Hate it, but can’t undo it.

A fad that I hope dies out,soon.
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