My little Christmas miracle.....

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My little Christmas miracle.....

Postby dle » Dec 29th, 2018, 8:40 am

I had a little Christmas miracle yesterday. I can't think of another word to describe it but I previously believed "miracles" were reserved for serious matters requiring divine intervention. Yesterday I realized they can come in different forms too when you don't even know you need one!

For those of us who really miss Kelowna, the one some of us enjoyed before it was decided it was no good and it was in need of being developed into an entirely different city, I saw and relived the former one for a very special little while! I hope you got to see it too.

Driving to work yesterday morning at around 7:30, I was stopped at a red light on 97 and was struck with the realization that there was really no traffic for a time of day when it's usually bumper to bumper, the highway had a few cars here and there, the side streets were quiet. It was noticeably different. I knew it was just because it was the Christmas holiday season but it immediately took me back in time. It felt fantastic and it wasn't just a momentary fleeting thought or observation - the more I drove and it looked the same the better feeling I had. I actually took the "scenic" route to work to drink it in as I had a bit of time to kill. Drove around by the lake and downtown. The Christmas tree decorations on the lamp standards were lit and it was so serene. A few cars here and there, a few people walking on the streets - I noticed 2 guys on a corner chatting and laughing and they toasted each other with their big coffee cups before going their ways. There was just some feeling in the air of being transported back to a better (MPO) time and I breathed it in deeply. It really lifted my spirits and I thought I was feeling good up til then! It felt just right and realizing that what I was feeling used to be the norm and that I would not likely feel it again soon, I was thankful for the little trip back in time - it was a "real-time memory" - my little Christmas miracle.

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Re: My little Christmas miracle.....

Postby haggis_8 » Dec 29th, 2018, 9:04 am

Oh WOW!!! Thank you for posting this. As I read it, I too felt your Christmas miracle!! I try to focus on how Kelowna used to be and not how it is now. Those of us who remember the serene beauty of this once magical town are truly blessed!!

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Re: My little Christmas miracle.....

Postby dirtybiker » Dec 29th, 2018, 1:16 pm

Thanks for posting this, I wasn't sure what was triggering my more
relaxed and somewhat happier demeanor.
I think you put your finger on it.

The slower pace with noticeably less self absorbed bullies barging about.

Refreshing ! Even if fleeting.
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