Being an Adult

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Being an Adult

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You know, I expected to actually feel like an adult at this point in my life - I've hit a half-century, after all. Yet I don't always. Often I will find myself feeling rather like a child playing pretend.

This week I changed the furnace filter since we'll be turning it on soon. I can't tell you how proud of myself I was, especially because I remembered to write the date on the side. Part of me was looking around for someone, to say "Look, look what I did!" :admin:

Do you ever get that feeling? Or maybe these?
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Re: Being an Adult

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17 Signs You are Emerging into Adulthood
1. Ikea has become your Disneyland

2. Sleep goes from being your nemesis who you avoid, to your best friend whom you wish would come over more often.

3. Finishing an entire season of your favorite show in a day doesn’t quite feel like the accomplishment it used to.

4. If all the work emails you’ve read and written were placed side by side, they would cross the Atlantic Ocean. There and back.

5. Your body begins to ache from your vigorous lack of movement.

6. Debt goes from being this fairy tale to be repaid in a land far, far, away. To your daily reality show.

Photo by David Levitz – Creative Commons

7. Memories of how you’re going to feel Sunday morning actually begin to factor into your decisions on Saturday night.

8. A Christmas sweater with a reindeer on it feels like a good idea. And you’re not being ironic.

9. You’ve mastered the interview this is my dream job nod-and-smile for a job you don’t want and can’t believe you’re applying for.

10. Facebook goes from being a hobby, to an obsession, to a chore you dread.

11. 93% of the photos on your phone are of your pet or baby. The remaining pictures are things you’re trying to sell on Craigslist to make room for your pet or baby.

12. The thought of buying a new sofa or kitchen appliance makes you as giddy as a 12-year-old at a Justin Bieber concert.

13. You start cushioning all vacations with an extra day off for “recovery time.”

14. You don’t spend the week organizing your plans for Saturday night. No, organizing is your plans for Saturday night.

15. You haven’t sprinted in two years. Something you realize too late as you try to dash across the street to avoid oncoming traffic, only to pull muscles you forgot you had.

16. Classical music becomes this weird, welcomed breather. Doing the dishes becomes your relaxing getaway. You’d pay $50 for an hour of silence.

17. You now understand what your parents meant when they said, “You’ll understand when you’re older.”
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