Gas is 113.9 in Penticton - GOUGING

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Gas is 113.9 in Penticton - GOUGING

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GOUGING How can Kelowna gas stations charge 22 cents more per liter for gas than Penticton stations. I am guessing that it is mostly dealer markup. That puts about $22.00 extra, for every 100 litres fill up that suckers in Kelowna pay. How many fill-ups does the average station get in a day?. With a few as 4 fill-ups an hour over a 16 hour day is about $1500 more per day PROFIT than a comparable station in Pentiction. That is GOUGING!
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Re: Gas is 113.9 in Penticton - GOUGING

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Look, you are supposed to be happy to pay whatever the price is...usually 20%-50% more on everything. Another thing-don't complain that you are getting paid 30% less than what you should be either... don't complain about anything here -ever makes the developers angry. You are here to serve the rich, the retired, the tourists...that is your only purpose here.
You should offer to pay the gas station 20 cents per liter more than they are charging- for the honor of being able to walk on their ground and having the honor of holding their gas pump nozzle.

It actually miffs me so much that no one is in command that cares.

If I won a 800 million Powerball jackpot, I'd take 799 million of it to pay everyone making 20 hr or less $20,000 to quit their jobs for 3 no one was served anything here. After all, even though we know what business are gouging, people will remember it, I bet 99% of people won't boycott that business in the future- out of inconvenience.

The only thing that could fix this would be a impossible goal of having everyone from Kelowna drive to Penticton to get gas. Everyone would have to be on total boycott mode and even after the stations lowered the price, people would have to continue to do it until those businesses in Kelowna shut their doors.

...Actually I don't know what the answer is- we have it blatantly going on, everyone knows it including everyone in a position to do something about it -not caring one bit. Which leads me to this possible conclusion...

Maybe I, you and others are looking at this completely the wrong way. Maybe this is actually a shining example of capitalism in perfect form at work, with business that are so successful that they no longer have to worry about price competition, customer service or anything.
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Re: Gas is 113.9 in Penticton - GOUGING

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Saturday: Summerland Gardens Plant sale and $1.139 gas..all Gerrycans 36L on board along with my 36 gallon/136L fuel tank..that's going to run into real GasMoney !

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