Halloween Night 2019

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Re: Halloween Night 2019

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Oh darn.
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Re: Halloween Night 2019

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Growing up just doesn't seem as awesome as it used to be. So sad.
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Re: Halloween Night 2019

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In all ways. We weren't taken to shopping malls to get treats from businesses. That's got to be the lowest bubble wrap safety yet.

I had around 20 kids in the end. We still have a lot of candy of the 120 peices, I gave out two at a time, I estimate I ate three of them, Mr. QK had ?? So if I count the number leftover I'd have a better estimation.

Pumpkins this year were bought late for some reason. We were carving them after work, I did mine anyways. They weren't too scary looking this year. I had a idea to put a pumpkin on ever wheelbarrow for next year to make a spooky walk. Will have to remember that one.

November 1 now so I guess it's all down hill from here til Christmas.
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Re: Halloween Night 2019

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We're in a small pocket neighbourhood - there are four houses on a street with multifamily. We usually get between 0 and 12. Last night we had 2, a father & daughter. Father was dressed up too, carrying a bag for his youngest who had already powered out. I grabbed handfuls of candy for them, should have probably just dumped the bowl in their bags :admin:
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