Only one tree on Sable Island. Now, it's a Christmas Tree

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Only one tree on Sable Island. Now, it's a Christmas Tree

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Canada's very own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is alive and well.

The scruffy, gnarled tree poking out of the dunes on Sable Island is a testament to tenacity.

Its pine needles are a rare pop of colour on this remote island that's otherwise awash in the hues of dying foliage and snow this time of year.

Now, the green boughs of Sable Island's only tree have an added dash of colour and festive charm.

Days before Christmas, 300 kilometres off the coast of Nova Scotia, the island's skeleton-crew staff braved the elements to decorate the lonesome pine for the holidays.

Over the years, tens of thousands of trees have been planted, including an ambitious effort in 1901 to establish 69,000 evergreens, 600 fruit trees, and about 25 kilograms of pine seed, among other plants.

But, thanks to the extreme weather and poor soil conditions, all those efforts have resulted in failure, except for the sole survivor that's now doubling as a Charlie Brown Special. ... -1.5405780
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