Landlord has only raised rent by $100 — since the 1980s

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Landlord has only raised rent by $100 — since the 1980s

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Bet the waiting list for rentals in one of his houses is a mile long.

Fifteen houses along Niagara Street were awarded protection as heritage homes just before Christmas, thanks in part to one local landlord.

"He's a very unique soul," Coun. Mike Layton said at the Dec. 2 meeting of the Toronto and East York Community Council.

As for his ultra low rent, Kendall said he's grateful to past tenants who helped him and his wife pay off the mortgages, and he wants to pay it forward.

Each of his four houses is divided into two one-bedroom apartments. The upper units rent for $800 per month, the lower units for $900. ... -1.5408903
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