Moochi - fluffy mini cow

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Moochi - fluffy mini cow

Post by oneh2obabe »

Choosing the right pet can be a daunting task. Do you go for a manageable hamster that will only live around three years or a loyal and energetic dog that you'll love for 15? Perhaps you're more of a cat person, but your partner prefers exotic pets like snakes and lizards?

The truth is there is no "perfect" choice when it comes to choosing a pet ... until now.

If you've ever thought you'd love a cow as a pet but found their large size to be rather off-putting, then let me introduce you to the adorable mini cow.

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Re: Moochi - fluffy mini cow

Post by bb49 »

Can they be milked? :D
More important, do they give off a lot of methane and other gases? :panic:
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Re: Moochi - fluffy mini cow

Post by flamingfingers »

bb49 wrote:Can they be milked? :D
More important, do they give off a lot of methane and other gases? :panic:

a fully grown female animal of a domesticated breed of ox, kept to produce milk or beef.
"a dairy cow

I grew up on a farm and milked a LOT of cows, but none of them possessed the physical characteristics of a 'HE'!!
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Re: Moochi - fluffy mini cow

Post by GordonH »

Heffer means young female cow that hasn't calf
Cow means female cattle
Bull means male cattle... Steer means fixed (snip) male cattle
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Re: Moochi - fluffy mini cow

Post by oldtrucker »

Hate to be the buzzkill, It may be cute, but unless it has brain surgery, it might get way get more aggressive the older it gets. It will eventually start acting like a full size if not already. It could decide it doesn't like a situation while out for a walk on the leash and totally lose it, and start headbutting whatever it decides deserves it.
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Re: Moochi - fluffy mini cow

Post by Catsumi »

Maybe do a follow-up in 365 days.

Bet it will still be a cuddling cutie.
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