Pet goose that survived fox attack now internet hero

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Pet goose that survived fox attack now internet hero

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Amazing the goose didn't wake up the family by squawking when the fox grabbed him. They can be noisy buggers.

Steve the Goose is making quite the name for himself.

For nine years, the domesticated white goose has been living comfortably on Carla Shymko’s acreage in Moose Jaw, Sask.

“He follows me around the yard, whether I’m mowing on the tractor, he goes up and down the rows or if I’m in the garden, he’s in the garden with me,” Shymko said.

“He’s just great. If I’m sitting on the deck reading, he’ll come and sit beside me and if I go in the house he pecks at the rear window.”

Balance of article w/video of Steve ... moose-jaw/
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