What do you think of Rutland??

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What do you think of Rutland??

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I, like many others, have made Rutland my home. Having lived there for 35 years, I am well aware of the stigma of being a Rutlander. I think it's a good idea to openly talk about our views on Rutland, either living in it or not, and just maybe a little bit of the stigma and negative association will disappear.

I was very proud to call Rutland my home for so many years. Even way back when it was much smaller, it had a real community feel with an awfully lot of down to earth nice people. Sure there is Hein Road, but big deal, it's one street which is in the process of being cleaned up and revitalized. I've heard it said the name Rutland should be changed to get rid of the stigma and I vehemently disagree. It was named after John Rutland who laid out the very first irrigation system in the area, so it would be an incredible dishonour to even think of renaming Rutland. My understanding is the area of Rutland has long ago been looked down upon since the days of horse and buggy. Rutland at that time was considered a rural area with mostly farming families, so the 'city folk' who lived in the downtown core regarded themselves in a much higher fashion. Much like the snobbery of some city folk in the old TV show, Little House on the Prairie looking, down on the farming folk.

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