Kelowna media struggles for news

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Kelowna media struggles for news

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Videos of the mayor Basran and supporting cast Gail Given, and Loyal Woolridge, media releases from the Regional District about garbage pickup; videos from You tube about dog and deer falling in love.Topped by todays story on the Castanet news feed."Headless chicken terrifies toddler"
It seems someone decided to decapitate some chickens in front of a young boy.Wait it gets better.We know that headless chickens can run about after, if you pardon the expression losing their head. the contributor takes about 500 plus words to describe in detail how the scene of heads, blood, and decapitated chicken torsos upset the little feller.
Way to go Castanet!!
If you missed it today, it might be a featured story tonight on our local television news.
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Re: Kelowna media struggles for news

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yup........... [icon_lol2.gif]
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Re: Kelowna media struggles for news

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please direct your comments and concerns to [email protected] as they’ll not see it here.

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