Magic Cell Phone.

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Magic Cell Phone.

Post by Bsuds »

I want one of those magic phones they use on TV shows and in the movies.

The ones that they pull out of their pockets and put up to their ears and they are magically connected to the person they want to call. They never have to dial or touch the phone, it just connects immediately and they start talking. :up:
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Re: Magic Cell Phone.

Post by mexi cali »

What, yours doesn't do that?
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Re: Magic Cell Phone.

Post by ferri »

I've always kind of wanted one of those keyboards that they use on tv. They never have to move from the center of the keyboard, never use their pinkies. I bet the same company makes the cell phones.
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Re: Magic Cell Phone.

Post by Even Steven »

I have one of these!

I pull it out anytime I spot somebody approaching me that I don't want to talk to (so virtually everybody), and just start yakking away while shrugging my shoulders to the person in front of me as saying "Sorry pal, I love to chat, but I'm on the phone".
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Re: Magic Cell Phone.

Post by stuphoto »

I would accept one of those unlimited credit cards that never seems to need paying off.

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