2019 F-150

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Re: 2019 F-150

Post by oldtrucker »

Sold it!
Sold for $1500 less than total bill owing.
Ya...I lent her the 15 brown bills to cover the rest.
Quote from oldtruckers old man...."Boy....if you have to borrow money to buy something....you can't afford it"
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Re: 2019 F-150

Post by stuphoto »

Good to hear ol trucker,
I am glad you had a little extra $ to help them out.

Personally, I don't call that sort of thing a loan anymore.
I just call it helping out a friend.
That way if they can't pay you back, you aren't as mad.
Plus you are less likely to lose a friend.
Besides, if the roles were reversed I imagine they would have helped you out.

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