Name those lambs!

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Name those lambs!

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Awwww they are so cute! Name those lambs! Covert Farms is just up the hill off of Seacrest Road in Oliver, BC. We drive past it all the time. Covert Farms used to let people drive in and park and use the access to the McIntyre Bluff hiking trail, which has "Rattlesnake Lake" and in the Spring a meadow full of rare flowers.

So name those lambs!

And no, "Mint" and "Chop" are not on the naming menu. :thumbsdown: Pun intended. ... htm#324265

Got a good name for some cute newborn lambs up your sleeve?

The Covert Farm Family Estate welcomed the new pair to their farm on Wedneday morning.

The adorable brother and sister duo are part Katahdin and part Barbados Blackbelly sheep.

“They’ve been spending the day in the sunshine and walking around the Discovery Garden with our pigs, ducks and chickens," Cover Farms wrote in a Facebook post.

"Later this spring, they’ll make their way to the vineyards and will be watched over by our Maremma Sheepdogs, Luna and Casper."
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