Get us men vaccinated, ASAP

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Get us men vaccinated, ASAP

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Doctors say a 69-year-old man died of COVID-19 last year after exhibiting a bizarre and extremely rare side effect of the disease, which they described as a three-hour erection.

“Nursing noticed an erection” on the afternoon after he was repositioned, doctors wrote in the case study. Health-care workers tried to help by placing ice packs around the man’s penis, but it stayed erect for three hours.

I don't want to go like this.
I'm posting this from Traditional lands of the British Empire & the current Lands of The Dominion of Canada.
I also give thanks for this ethos richness bestowed on us via British Colonialism.

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Re: Get us men vaccinated, ASAP

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You won't - he didn't.
Truths can be backed up by facts - do you have any?
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