Silver Spoon Collection

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Silver Spoon Collection

Post by bb49 »

We're early in the stages of spring cleaning. Downsizing? And a collection of old silver spoons needs to be disposed of.

Five spoons in particular stand out, they are sterling 925, with a small gold nugget at the end of the handle.
Another has DAWSON Y.T. on it.
The majority are all English silver and 925.
It's quite possible there are more around the house.

Any suggestions on the best way to dispose of the?
A local jeweller maybe.

Not sure if I trust those places that advertise buying and selling coins, etc.
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Re: Silver Spoon Collection

Post by Fancy »

Silverware makes some nice jewellery - found this website in Alberta that may be of interest. Not sure if anyone in town makes any but you can youtube how to do it and start a new business! :smt045
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Re: Silver Spoon Collection

Post by oldtrucker »

Don't expect much in the way of people breaking your door down to get them.
They have kinda gone the way of coin and stamp collections....used to have value but these days, no.
Most things 'collectable' really are valueless now as younger generations don't collect stuff. There is so much of it on the market now that the collector generations are dying off.
If you do find someone willing to buy them...please PM me. :smt045
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Re: Silver Spoon Collection

Post by Bsuds »

Try L&O Wholesale Jewelers on Dolphin Ave. I know they will buy gold jewelry.
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