Happy Mask Free Day

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Re: Happy Mask Free Day

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I'm late but WOOOOOT! :biggrin:

...no more water boarding at work! :130:
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Re: Happy Mask Free Day

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My office still requires it ... and places I shop in I'll still wear my mask ... might forget it as I have over the last year the odd time or two and will still go in ... actually just waiting for a new couple of masks to replace a couple I lost over the last month ...

Waiting for at least a week of zero days ... I'm alright with the recommendation ... second shot in less than 2 weeks ... w00t w00t!
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Re: Happy Mask Free Day

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RCSS in West K was amass with non-wearers. I wore mine as I will for a while in stores that are heavily populated.

I like the looks I get from the non-wearers as we pass each other. They look wary as though they are wondering if I know something they don't or maybe they just think I'm a tool. Either way, don't care. I doff the mask on most of my outings and am thankful for it. I hate the dang things.
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