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Not right

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Arrived at the glass shop spall road to show them the horrible install they did at the clinic in west Kelowna (a great local shop)I went into the store at 9:10 am July 19, 2021 and told the Male person wearing glasses and tatooed up behind the counter to come have a look at it. (I was told by the shop in West Kelowna they would phone them and let them know I would be coming in to show them and that they would compensate me for the damages, the sanding of the paint around the windshield and fix the shoddy job they did).He wanted to know what was wrong with it. I told him again to just come and look at it. He was argumentative at this point. I told him it was a horrible job. We walked to the car I had told him they had sanded on the roof, the A pillar and the fender when they cleaned out where the old window was before installing the new one. He quickly ran around to the other side of the car and ignored what I was trying to show him. I insisted he come and look at the scratches and pointed out the very wavey trim they had installed on the top. He ran around to my side looked at the scratches for half a second, he said in a loud and aggressive manner that he didn't do that and started walking towards the door saying in a loud aggressive voice that he doesn't have to do anything because I raised my voice to him? I then used a loud voice to him saying you guys did this job. He ran at me yelling and screaming at me stopping in front of me and verbally assaulted me calling me a punk. I looked at him in the eyes and calmly said I am no punk. He slapped at my chest hard and shoved me back pushing me back about 3 feet ( he left visible hand marks on my chest that the wife and dulux witness could see after).He continued swearing at me and I told he has to deal with the police now he just assaulted me and to have a nice day. He walked away and said nothing and went inside. He physically assaulted me in front of my children and wife who were standing only a few feet away. There was another gentleman at the Dulux store who was outside and witnessed the assault along with a lady at the Dance studio next door. The police came and charged him with assault and released him without incident. If anyone knows of a professional shop that could fix this mess inexpensively that would be great. Welcome to the Okanagan! We had already spent alot of money to get this car ready for BC's over stringent out of province inspection. I am positive that there are great people here as my Mother and other family have lived here for over 30 years and have introduced me to some great people. :smt045
NOTE: this is not a business review and you can make up your own minds as to the above mentioned. I am simply reporting a crime as it happened and the criminal involved was charged with a criminal offence in the city of Kelowna.
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Re: Not right

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Call Tyler @ 250-801-2844. If anyone can fix it he can.
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