Do you Believe ?

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Do you Believe ?

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Hello all , I am new here so am not sure Grab Bag is where I post this Question. The picture that I hope posted with my letter , is of a Craft above Okanogan lake in Penticton B.c . The motel in background is the lakeside Motel . The shot is a night one . I have a gift to expose things that people do not often get to see, like this Craft. I have many other Unbelievable Photo's in my collection that I have taken. I want to know from you , what it would take to make a believer of the Supernatural out of you ? Would pictures be enough ? taken by another person or would you have to see it for yourself ?
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Re: Do you Believe ?

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I believe. I know several people who have seen with their own eyes, always nervous and embarrassed bringing it up and wanting to discuss. The supernatural is amazing, sometimes scary, several experiences beyond UFO's as well.

Welcome, there have been many amazing topics and interesting theories ,videos and photos from posters, don't see many of them anymore.

I also believe that your post will be moved to the Conspiracies and Weird Science thread, the none believers will flock in to mock you and dispel anything and everything you post, photo or not. Likely you will not last long, it's sad really. Someone made a comment not too long ago in the ever popular virus thread about the religion thread also, can't have a simple discussion on certain topics without a group of certain posters coming in and trashing the place, and you.

When were these photos taken?
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Re: Do you Believe ?

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Not sure if unexplained sites in the sky should be called "supernatural".
It's more common to call them UFOs. any perceived aerial phenomenon that cannot immediately be identified or explained. Or "unidentified aerial phenomenon" (UAP)

As for me being a believer, yes. I have seen a UFO.
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