Small Town Helps Trucker

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Small Town Helps Trucker

Post by oneh2obabe »

Never underestimate the ingenuity of people, especially when it comes to getting their morning bagels and muffins.

Language warning ... a couple of F-bombs and Samuel L Jackson's childhood word to overcome his stutter.
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Re: Small Town Helps Trucker

Post by oldtrucker »

That took skill to get that truck all squigged out like that :smt045
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Re: Small Town Helps Trucker

Post by GordonH »

Driver pretty fortunate there isn’t more train traffic on that line.
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Re: Small Town Helps Trucker

Post by zookeeper »

I hope negative nellie commentator wasn't treated to breakfast, clearly didn't have his morning coffee.
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Re: Small Town Helps Trucker

Post by mexi cali »

What a great story. The maroon commentating needs a good slap about the head.
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Re: Small Town Helps Trucker

Post by stuphoto »

I agree about the commentator, but at the same time agree with his opinion.

When I was 16 the first thing my driving instructor said is never take any chances by a railroad crossing.

When I was in professional driving the school they repeated that same thing over and over over.
That was in Kelowna, when there were still tracks, but no traiins.
Told you stop Before the tracks and not again until you are well past it.
Yet when I was driving in Alberta I often saw someone in a tractor trailer unit stopped crossing a track waiting for a break in the traffic to proceed.

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