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Some organizations and companies continually ask their users/customers to complete surveys.

Many many times, I’ve found the survey that these organizations apparently need, are so poorly created that they are impossible to answer correctly, or demonstrate the creator of the survey didn’t have clue what the organization did.

I had an Enhanced BC Driver’s license. (it was the one you could present at a land crossing and enter the USA without a passport). When the document was due to expire, instead of attending a Driver’s Service Centre and taking a number and sitting waiting. An appointment was set for a particular time, because renewal of the document involved sitting down and being interviewed.

After renewing my Enhanced Driver’s License, I received a survey from ICBC.

• Question: How long did you have to wait in line to renew your driver’s license ?
• Question: Did you feel the time you had to wait was,,, just right, a little long, far too long….

Obviously whoever created the survey did not know that ICBC issued these types of licenses and that they were issued on an appointment basis. The survey, obviously should have begun with... "You've recently renewed your driver's license, which type of license did you renew ? Then questions pertinent to that type of license.

Today upon waking I had an email from the Province of BC advising that I could book my 3rd Covid-19 vaccine. I’m approaching 6 months since my last jab.

After completing the booking, a request for me to take a “3 minute survey”.
So, the survey would be something about the task I had just completed, right ? The booking of my 3rd Covid-19 vaccination.

I click on the survey....
Question: Which vaccination did you just receive ? 1st, 2nd, 3rd,

I have many examples, where the survey, presented by an organization is so poorly constructed that in many instances it can’t be correctly answered. So it leaves me to surmise these organizations don’t want real information, they have an agenda and have formulated their questions to get the answers they want.

Solution.... "Would you complete this short 3 minute survey ?" NO
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Re: Surveys

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I have never filled out company survey, 9 times out of 10 if corporate doesn’t get 100% satisfaction on the survey they considered it as a fail.

These are those store or service department survey mainly. As for mail-out surveys, I don’t get junk mail.
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Re: Surveys

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As well as some of them are very pushy!

If you don't do the survey they keep sending the emails.

I always unsubscribe when they do that.
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