Address sign removed

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Address sign removed

Post by TylerM4 »

Hi All,

Recently we discovered that our address sign (you know the one that the firefighters/regional district gave to every home) was missing. We found it in the ditch a few feet away and because it was just after one of those intense wind storms I had assumed the bolts loosened on their own. So I reattached.

However - this morning when I opened our mailbox (address sign uses the same post) I found the bolts inside. So someone took the time to remove our sign from the post and place the bolts in the mailbox.

I'm left scratching my head and wondering why? That sign has been there since we moved in over 11 years ago. It's sharing our mailbox post (mail isn't delivered to the mailbox, we have to visit the community mailbox at the end of the street) and a good 5-6 feet away from the paved road surface. I can't see it being in anyone's way for example.

Any ideas for what would motivate an individual to remove the sign? And why they wouldn't approach us if they had a concern about it?
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Re: Address sign removed

Post by Boosted632 »

Bolt it back on and smash the threads between two hammers so they can't remove it or pick up some tamper proof bolts
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Re: Address sign removed

Post by alanjh595 »

Lots of high strength Loctite.


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