Letter: Where are the churches?

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Re: Letter: Where are the churches?

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Sol316 wrote: Nov 8th, 2022, 7:24 pm The letter writer (Mark Wereley) wrote: "The above examples are just some of the reasons why I no longer identify as a Christian."

So lemme get this straight.... because the local Christian churches in Kamloops are not offering to house the homeless; he had a Christian friend swear at him, Christian inaction, etc. he no longer identifies as a Christian?

What then? atheist? agnostic? other?

I thought a Christian is a follower/believer in Jesus, NOT a follower of Christians, or a believer in Christians! :smt045
You must be living under a rock. There is a huge correlation in the church in regards to "leaders" and "authority". Many of which can be the only ones allowed to have an opinion - and will be able to justify their bad actions or "sins". The only ones that have to be accountable to the swear jar are the minions who pay tithes to pay the leader's wages. I for one have a belief in Jesus - but am not allowed to attend a church. I had a difference of opinion with a middle management church leader - and he poisoned the well about me. As such, I was asked not to participate anymore. You may not be a believer in "Christians" or follow them - but they sure as hell have a belief that they can judge you. And once you are banished from a social and cultural dichotomy - what is the use of following the basis of the religion? I for one have confidence that I don't need to be limited by humans. Others don't. They will feel insecure when someone uses scripture out of context about "gathering together" as a requirement of your faith. Or make scripture out to be "rules".

Church organizations have made a choice to be separated from their communities and society. Believing in their exceptionalism of beliefs in regard to the poor - weak - and needy in society. Need proof? Osteen was a perfect example. While there was a weather disaster which displaced hundreds of thousands in their mega-church community and people were living in sports stadiums - the mega-church declined to allow their community a place to stay. Like the sports community or other places did. Another perfect example is the huge difference between tax-exempt monies churches allocate out of the country for their "ministry" or "missionaries" - and what is invested in their immediate community. There was a report done on the latter days opening churches in Canada. And using a loophole about getting significant amounts of money out of the country. If the money was sent to Brigham Young University - then the money could be funnelled out of Canada. Thinking that evangelicals haven't found their own loopholes to funnel money out of the country - only makes you a fool.

Churches are essentially tax-exempt businesses. And are run as such. And will have many businesses in their buildings like daycares or schools that benefit from tax evasion. While funnelling even more monies from taxpayers and governments to subsidize their private schools. Because churches are so focused on prosperity and the almighty dollar - it's easy to see them not being interested in the "least of these". They can't make a buck on it. Success metrics cant be large churches that swallow up small churches like there were on Hwy 33 or many of the side streets in Kelowna that had churches every few blocks. And most of those small "churches" are abandoned and closed now. Sold land for crazy money to build housing like the KCC church on 33. Or a crown jewel of land that isn't in the ALR at Green Bay Bible Camp. I can see money being enough motivation for that land to sell so there can be expensive condos like the ones right beside them. But hey - it's about the people - right? That's why a mega-church matters - right? The people. Just not the poor ones. Or the uncouth ones who may swear or have skeletons in the closet. People have to strive for perfection and a Victorian version of cleanliness is next to godliness. Wear their Sunday best. People need to face facts. The churches (buildings) left the rest of us in the dust a long time ago. And there won't be a rescue from them any time soon.
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Re: Letter: Where are the churches?

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Christianity is either true or false. This is independent of whether Christians are the worst people in the world or the best.

If it's true and Christians are bad then you have a moral obligation to belong to improve it. If Christianity is false, then you shouldn't join irrespective of how people behave.

If you are a Christian you're only valid reason for leaving is if it is false. All this talk about bad behavior is just window dressing, and really dishonest.
"No one has the right to apologize for something they did not do, and no one has the right to accept an apology if the wrong was not done to them."
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Re: Letter: Where are the churches?

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nucksRnum1 wrote: Jan 19th, 2023, 4:30 pm
Hmmm wrote: Jan 19th, 2023, 2:10 pm

There is in fact lots of proof the Bible is accurate.... But I wont waste my time with someone that only wants to argue about everything.... A big problem is what false religion represents and teaches as truth as found in the Bible when in fact it is not found in the Bible and they are wrong. Most religions are in fact enemys of God and the Bible.
That's because every other civilization has the same/similar mythos. Like the flood. Or many others. The bible has truths that are simply corroborated by traditions.
This is a bit outdated. I would suggest Michael Witzel's "Origin of the World's Mythologies". Very interesting book.
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Re: Letter: Where are the churches?

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Where are all the churches?

A school in BC was giving some kids an experimental thing without the parents consent.
One of the claims Nelson made in a "raised and angry voice" when he disrupted the vaccination clinic was that it was illegal to give kids the shot without parental permission, the agreement says.

"The vaccines were experimental, dangerous, and poisonous and should not be used," the agreement summarizes Nelson as saying, as well as that "health authority staff were unethical in how they presented information on the vaccines and how they were offering the vaccines to students" and that "health authority staff should be ashamed of themselves."
https://bc.ctvnews.ca/b-c-high-school-t ... -1.6244649
Bonnie Henry and Database Dix made a law that ignores the fifth commandment - honour your mother and father - and allows kids, that we all know aren't smart at that age, to inject themselves with a risky cheap thing Albert Bourla said will take five years before we know if it's safe. Before allowing some dumb kid to make an impulse decision, they should teach those kids - for about six months - every side of the story and all the risks of the covid vaccine including myocarditis.

Bonnie Henry and Databse Dix - two pathetic excuses for human beings, who do not believe in God.

Bonnie Henry and Databse Dix also laugh in the face of one in every five BC kids who can't afford good food, and don't give one cent to help them.

Where are all the churches? Counting the money they take in. Every one of them.
HAHAHAHAHA - Only 2% got Bonnie's Wicked Booster Shot.
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Re: Letter: Where are the churches?

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Re: Letter: Where are the churches?

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Churches are pretty *bleep* that they don't have any political power left

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