The Benefits of Religion

Is there a god? What is the meaning of life?

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zzontar wrote:Hi bdbnkr, if it's not too personal I'd be interested to know what turned you into a hardcore atheist and then into a Christian.

Very long story.

Was raised an atheist. Science was the only truth...

First stages were me trying to disprove the existance of a higher power. Read info from both sides. Tried so hard to disprove a Creator that I ended acknowledging one once I was faced with all of the info.

The next stages were moving from Agnostic to Christian. These were much more personal and in nutshell involved me being broken and humbled. It was the learning then accepting that I was not anywhere nearly as good as I thought I was and that I was completely undeserving of any kind of grace. But that is why it is called Grace. We do not deserve it but we can have it anyway... as long as we understand that it is undeserved.

Altogether about a 20 year journey... that still hasn't ended.

Hope that sheds some light....


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