Riddle me this, Christians

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Re: Riddle me this, Christians

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Big ned wrote:Yes, and Christ asked the individual to do it. He did not ask that the individual give to Ceasar and hope that the money ends up where they want it to. The religious people in North America do massive amounts of giving and serving. Look up "helping hands" where ever there has been natural disasters in the last decade... these are some of the first responders (even before the government gets there) that are out helping people.

You seem to be arguing for a "socialist government" I am arguing for what Christ taught. Every individual get out and do their part.

I'm pretty sure it was Christ that said "render unto ceasar that which is ceasars" His teachings said nothing about Ceasar taking part in wealth distribution. That is why conservative religious people vote for minimalist governments. we don't want Ceasar baby sitting us or our children.

Actually many modern theologians believe Jesus made this statement "tongue in cheek". If you look at the original greek wording and the context in which He made the statement He is refering to the fact that Ceasar's picture was engraved on the coin... He was actually poking fun at the government and the monetary system in general. The single most discussed topic in the Gospels is money. The sad truth is that most of us Christians choose to completely ignore Jesus's teaching concerning money. Jesus was a "commie" to an extent. However He did not believe we should be legislated into behaving in a socially responsible way... He did believe we should WANT to behave in a socially responsible way. The Kingdom of Heaven He referred to had little use for money or government so when He says "render unto ceasar that which is ceasars", He is essentially expressing His disinterest in money and government.

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