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Bill Maher's Religulous - Discussion

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I had the oppertunity to view an "advanced screening" of Religulous. It is a documentary by Maher that takes a mocking look at the beliefs of many of the major religions in the world. Half of it is monolog and the other half is filled with interviews with religious people. It seemed to me that most of the people interviewed didn't initially know what the fillm was going to be about because they seeemed shocked at where he went with his questions.

I found the reaction of the religious to Maher pretty hilarious. There were many blank stares and unhappy looks. Things seemed pretty slanted towards Maher but I'm sure this is due to a lack of preparation on the part of his interviewees and some clever editing. However, it made for some humorous moments.

I'm disappointed by the lack of depth of the film. It's great at bringing attention to a lot of the more ridiculous beliefs that form the core of religion and calling people on it. However, it fails to provide competent arguments for the other side of the story which I think hurts his overall message. He basically takes the stance that Religion is ridiculous, and then doesnt give the other side a fair chance to say its not. What he ends up doing is giving a massive "out" for many religious people to say, "well if he had of interviewed so and so, or allowed them to make such and such point, it would not seem so ridiculous".

That being said, this not a movie for the deep thinkers on the subject. It's meant to inspire a little bit of reflection amongst the masses, many of whome (both religious and non-religious) are not very well versed on the subject. I believe it accomplishes this well. The movie is interesting, entertaining and is sure to spark some debate. I recommend watching it to anyone.

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Re: Bill Maher's Religulous - Discussion

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I believe one of the best bits he did was on Scientology. It was also funny how the Mormons wouldn't even let them in the "Temple" in Salt Lake City, and ushered him off the grounds. I wonder what they're so afraid of? :dyinglaughing:

He does make very good points about the "self-fulfilling prophecy" that is our present nuclear age (i.e. with regard to "Armageddon" and the "end of the world").
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Re: Bill Maher's Religulous - Discussion

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For even more fun, I might suggest you check out anything by Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens.

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