Past Life Regression:Hypnoregression"

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Past Life Regression:Hypnoregression"

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Past Life Regression

If regression techniques are incorporated into the use of hypnotherapy, the success rate for eliminating physical and emotional problems increases significantly. Why is this so? Simply because the conscious mind is a virtual reservoir of complete and intricately detailed memories of one's life experiences regardless of whether they occurred in the present or past. These experiences are like computer programs that condition our physical and emotional responses to everything life has to offer, everything that comes into our awareness through our physical senses.

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Re: Past Life Regression:Hypnoregression"

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It's nuts to let any hypnotherapist restore your lost memories. It has been shown that many people will create false memories, in other words memories from the imagination. A lot of harm has been done to individuals and families with this form of hypnotherapy.
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Re: Past Life Regression:Hypnoregression"

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Past life regression is a dangerous pseudo-science. You cannot regress to past lives, they don't exist.
There is a new psychic flake set up downtown, who is offering past life regression services. When I saw the sign, i had a good chuckle, then felt sorry for all of the people who are desperate enough to fall for this hokum.
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Re: Past Life Regression:Hypnoregression"

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Timeline therapy, developed by Tad James, is a very valuable tool that has made its way in to the lexicon of many therapists. This methodology, which may involve a trance state, can take a person through past experiences and re-process them, in order to assist the person with handling past trauma in a more resourceful way. It is a very effective tool when used in skilled, trained hands. Timeline therapy draws on the work of such luminaries as Milton Ericcson, John Grinder, and others, to create a very powerful tool involving regression. Unfortunately since the technique is rather easy to learn, it has been used by persons without sufficient knowledge to lead the client skillfully through past problems. As far as so called 'past life regression' goes, it's too WOOO WOOO for me, lots of Egyptian princesses but no slaves.
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Re: Past Life Regression:Hypnoregression"

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"May Lives, Many Lasters" from Dr. Brian L. Weiss is a good read. The man was a well-respected and published hypnotherapist before he got into doing past-life regerssion. The book is his story about the client that got him into doing research on the subject.
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