The Strange,Strange Story of the Gay Fascists

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The Strange,Strange Story of the Gay Fascists

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Here's a story that those who have a lot of time on their hands may want to discuss. You may need to be an intellectual, but there are many who are striving to be perceived as such. I know I try, but I'm told by others I fail miserably. Self righteous bullies I guess. :)
Enjoy the article. ... 36697.html
I could feel the love in the article, I could feel the tolerance towards others of a different opinion.
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Racists are usually homophobic

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That's funny, because most gay men I know are leftists....

Interesting quote from the article:

Johann Hari wrote:Racists are usually homophobic.


Johann Hari wrote:'Searchlight' magazine - the bible of the British anti-fascist movement, with moles in every major far-right organisation - offers an alternative explanation. "Generally condemned by a society that continues to be largely hostile to gays, some men may find refuge and a new power status in the far right," one of their writers has explained. "Through adherence to the politics espoused by fascist groups, a new identity emerges - one where they aren't outcasts, because they are White Men, superior to everyone else. They render the gay part of their identity invisible - or reject the socially less acceptable parts, like being feminine - while vaunting what they see as superior."

It would appear that homophobic attitudes drive some gay men to far right extremes. Thus, it should seem apparent that one of the best ways to prevent (or alleviate) the need for these men to move in fascist circles is to make them more welcome by mainstream society, rather than ostracizing them. Does that not put the onus on homophobes to change their tune?

Johann Hari wrote:The growing awareness of the role gay men play in fascist movements has been abused by some homophobes.
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Re: The Strange,Strange Story of the Gay Fascists

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why would we change our tune? we will let you guys go nuts and kill your own and then we can say.....uhhh it wasnt me it was the *bleep*!! lol told ya they were freaks.

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