The bible debunked.

Is there a god? What is the meaning of life?
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Re: The bible debunked.

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Glacier wrote:My understand has been that Islamic invaders didn't exactly like jews. The Qur'an seems to not look too kindly on them.

Might be one of those "Subject to interpretation" things. I've seen a single line from the Qur'an used to supposedly prove a jihad against the west, but when you read it within the context of the entire verse or paragraph it came from, it's not even the same meaning as it was presented.

I got the documentary from the Library. I think it was called "Understanding Islam". I enjoyed it.
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Re: The bible debunked.

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The Prophet Mohammed was very clear when he ordered that Christians, Jews, churches and synagogues should not be touched, ever(in a harmful way)! It was the Jews, after all that gave him sanctuary in Medina after he was ousted from Mecca.
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Re: The bible debunked.

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A new translation has been found! It all make sense now.
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