Jesus said

Is there a god? What is the meaning of life?
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Re: Jesus said

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lol pretty good joke
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Re: Jesus said

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I really like the Bible. I have read it cover to cover, in depth.

I also really like fairy tales and other works of fiction. Some of my favourites are collections of fiction by various authors in one volume.

Aesop's Fables make more sense.

Somebody once told me that the virtuous Mary was actually British - that her father (or was it her grandfather?) was a shipping magnate and they lived in wherever it was in the Bible they lived as that was where the father/grandfather did business.

This same person also told me that following the death of her wonderful son, she and her mother returned to England and are buried somewhere there.

Anyone else heard this story?
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Re: Jesus said

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You heard it here folks.
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Re: Jesus said

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Re: Jesus said

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jesus said wheres me bong ? :dyinglaughing:

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