Aggressive Atheism

Is there a god? What is the meaning of life?
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Aggressive Atheism

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Uncle Pat clears up some misconceptions....
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Re: Aggressive Atheism

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Hark now, found cartoon leads to kindly bump.

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Re: Aggressive Atheism

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Uncle Pat stakes out a spot in one end of the Atheist movement. We need someone who is not afraid of "offending" those who promote silly superstition and violence. Dawkins et al stake out the other end of the spectrum. We are lucky to have them all to appeal to the varied attitudes of the growing Atheist movement, worldwide.

There are those who debate some of the fine and not so fine teachings of the various religious manuals (written by men) in an effort to state their case for and against. To me, the entire concept of any and all god/gods, sky fairies, Easter bunnies or Santa Clauses is so incredibly unbelievable, I can't begin to wrap my brain around it in the first place, even if I had the slightest desire to do so. It's just plain silly IMO. The cosmos and the evolution taking place within it is so much more interesting and sensible.

My unanswered question to myself asks, "OK, you are an Atheist. Now what? Is it enough to post on blogs and criticize the worlds religions? Does that just make me the same as those who whine about atheists and the perceived threat they pose to our societies? It does ad one more number to the many, but is there something constructive I can do to rid our planet of these superstitions?"
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