Back on-track thread... again

Is there a god? What is the meaning of life?
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Re: Back on-track thread... again

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"Modern philosophical literature distinguishes between explanatory reasons and justifying reasons. The former are reasons we appeal to in attempting to explain actions and attitudes. The latter are reasons we appeal to in attempting to justify them."

The reason why i am posting this is because we are asking the questions about perception, and i think that on topic and off topic this is relevant. Read and enjoy the full length from the link.

As to the on topic, i think the parents are interested in what they believe is an incredibly important issue in the child's life. I think globally actions such as these are understandable. I think that the religious worry is really an empty shell masking the more important issue.

CBC: The Brains of Babes ... index.html

Please take some time to listen and read.

I feel that if the basic issues are addressed, a child will naturally question the world around them and gain valuable insight from their interactions. The presence of religion or spirituality in the child's life, in my opinion, do not change this if these basic issues are addressed.

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