Christian Taliban harasses town

Is there a god? What is the meaning of life?
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Re: Christian Taliban harasses town

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zzontar wrote:
Mr Danksworth wrote:It's not an inverse relaionship. You can be a christian without being a redneck. But chances are if your neck is red, then Jebus is one of your friends... He hate *bleep*, and loves guns too!

Ya Danky, he hated *bleep* and probably wanted to shoot them all with the guns he owned.... didn't he have a tazer too? :dyinglaughing:

Hey now, don't shoot the messenger. Go after the *bleep* that actually go for that sort of thing. ... -duts.html
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Re: Christian Taliban harasses town

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Wow that is scary, almost Westboro Baptist Church scary.
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Re: Christian Taliban harasses town

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Gigamortis wrote:Wow that is scary, almost Westboro Baptist Church scary.

Very much so, most if not all evangelicals tend to put their brains on a shelf and go with the flow. Whatever the happy meal of the day happens to be and US & Canada are full of this wacko's.
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Re: Christian Taliban harasses town

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The Okanagan has had it's share of wing-nuts. When I was doing some local history research, an old-timer told me matter-of-factly, that the tobacco warehouse fire was the handiwork of the 'righteous', thus ending one of the founding industries of Kelowna :

Prohibition in the Okanagan

Prohibition is an order to restrict or stop the manufacturing, transportation and selling of alcoholic liquors, except for medical and sacramental purposes.

Prohibition was enacted on October 1, 1917, with a vote of 133 for prohibition and 62 against. After the vote was decided, a commissioner was appointed by the province to enforce the prohibition law, but the job was too big for the commissioner to handle by himself.

Before World War I, almost every town or city in British Columbia experimented with by-laws and other actions to maintain a standard of decency. Prohibition was one such law which started a considerable following. Most British Columbians agreed that liquor should be kept away from some people, but especially from the Indians. Harsh penalties were suffered if you were caught giving or selling them liquor. Everyone heard stories of how too much liquor was dangerous. There was the sad case of August Gillard, an early settler of Okanagan Mission, who drank and gambled away 400 cattle, 50 horses, and 320 acres of land.

Prohibitionists claimed liquor was involved in most criminal activities in every community. Prohibitionists even had proof: "Of 172 cases dealt with by the Penticton Police department in 1915, 97 involved liquor."

Prohibitionists asked, "wouldn't a prohibition law enforced by the government maintain peace at a local level?" Others said all that was required some controlling legislation regarding liquor.

The Methodists were nearly all non - drinkers or teetotallers. They enforced "the Discipline" against companies who made or sold liquor. Churches taught temperance and some advocated prohibition, but they were not constantly working towards a political showdown on the prohibition issue. Churches supported political movements considered commendable but did not really lead them. For the churches in the Okanagan many of them didn't organize until the 1900's and didn't have the man power nor financial sources to lead a political campaign. Church temperance committees were set up but had no measurable influence outside the church.

The WCTU ( Womens Christian Temperance Committee) lacked direct political power. Women could not vote - and so couched its critisms of society in moral tones.

Children were organized into bands of hope, and taught about the evil effects of alcohol and tobacco. Women were not permitted to enter barrooms. The drive for women suffrage can be partly understood as a part of moral reform. The WTCU demanded a right to vote and the leaders of the WCTU were often the wives of known prohibitionists.

In the final prohibition campaign of 1915-16 the WTCU provided the new prohibitionists organization, called the "Peoples Prohibitionist Association" (PPA), with moral and financial support. The leadership was definitely in the hands of the PPA.

Some prohibitionists said prohibition was a tradition of democratic reforms and many people agreed with them. In 1909 The Okanagan had a vote on Democratic control of prohibition, but not enough people voted for it.

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Re: Christian Taliban harasses town

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the right wing christians are just as bad as any other terrorist group, but they have gwbush as their fearless leader .the future of the world depends on putting religeon behind us just like in star trek , its servered its purpose, we now know what thunder and lightning realy is :discodance:
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Re: Christian Taliban harasses town

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Almond Joy has nuts.
So does religion.

I'll have a Mounds please.
No nuts in Mounds.

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